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3 Perks of having a Vintage wedding

3 Perks of having a Vintage wedding

Of the many innovative wedding options available, Vintage Weddings are a trend that has caught on really quickly. Read on to find out few perks of a Vintage Wedding that contributed massively to its growing popularity.

Classy and elegant

Old is gold! A vintage style wedding, characterized by use of old antique items for décor and stage set up, oozes class, style and elegance. Those old centrepieces, wall clocks, cake stands, worn out tables and other furniture items, etc are all embodiments of grace and elegance.

Great scope for innovation

There is a tremendous scope for innovation and invention in a Vintage Wedding. You could add a multitude of old, time tested possessions that you may possess. Some families have a unique item or object that is passed through the lineage of the family. Such an object could be incorporated into your plans and placed or displayed strategically to convey what it means to you and your family and the rich heritage that you possess.

Experience the good old days

You must have heard countless stories and anecdotes from your parents and grandparents or other seniors about what life was like back in their days and what a privilege it was to live in those good old days. Chances are you probably wished you got an opportunity to do that. But it’s just not possible, is it? (no, not even Elon Musk could help out here.) As it turns out, you probably can. Even though it’s just for a day but an opportunity to experience the old world charm (and that too on such a big day) by going totally vintage with everything concerned with your wedding is something you must not miss out on.

If you are on the lookout for a unique and innovative theme for your impending wedding, then ‘Vintage’ might just halt your search.

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