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4 great ideas for woodsy weddings

4 great ideas for woodsy weddings

Woodsy themed weddings have been around for a while and they should continue being so in the future as well. But with time, the basic trends and ideas that embodied woodsy weddings have changed. These 4 ideas are worth being thought about seriously if you are planning a woodsy wedding for yourself in the next year or two.

Wooden invitations

Regular invitation cards are passé. And in any way wouldn’t set the tone for themed weddings. Wooden invitation cards, with a wooden base and the content being either engraved or embossed (your choice!), would help sending a clear suggestion to your guests of things to come.

Welcome signboard

A wood-made welcome signboard at the entrance of the wedding venue would serve as a gentle reminder of the woodsy theme to your guests, we believe. Try to keep the signboard minimalistic in terms of its design and focus more on allowing the signboard to reflect the mood of the event. Including fresh forest flowers and tree leaves in the scenery won’t be a bad idea either.


This is an obvious one isn’t it? But the décor is what gives the wedding its underlying theme. And there is a lot of scope for improvisation here. Flower garlands, wreaths, wooden cake stands, a gentle sprinkling of tree leaves, would just add to the charm of the event. The shrubs around the venue could add a natural element to the décor if used properly.

Wood-made cutlery

A slightly unusual suggestion but wooden cutlery could well provide a surprise element. If you want to raise the bar higher, you could order hand-made, hand-carved wooden cutlery.

Woodsy weddings are a great option for couples who wish to have an outdoor wedding and these 4 ideas would accentuate the theme even more!

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