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7 Top Wedding Colours

7 Top Wedding Colours

Are you planning your wedding and wondering what colours to choose? There are plenty of hot colours and we’ve put 7 of our favourite choices below, to create stunning looks for any style of wedding.


The Dapper Look

White, Navy, Lime, and Winter White

These colours provide a look that is cool, crisp, and fresh. The lime provides a splash of colour to the classic navy.


The Magical Look

White, Turquoise, Plum, and Champagne

These colours offer a free spirited, whimsical style with the plum and turquoise providing the perfect combination for a spring affair. The latter evoking images of the glassy sea and providing balance with the plum. The champagne and white add a tender, enchanting aesthetic.

Use pops of plum coloured flowers to retain the whimsy, thinking anemones, delphiniums, orchids, hydrangeas, Peruvian lilies, and carnations.


The Beach Look

Latte, Cream Rose, Ocean Blue, and Lavender

With this soft palette, it’s almost as though you can feel the warm and salty sea breeze tickling your face. The ocean blue offers a refreshing look and pairs well with soft tones. Whether you’re having your wedding on the beach or lakeside, this combination provides the perfect happy and mellow feel.


The Eclectic Look

Monaco, Carnation, Rainforest, and Orange

This is the perfect choice for a late spring or summer wedding. It highlights the hues we love about summer, with an explosion of chic complementary colours. It’s as eclectic as it is beautiful. Layer your colours with patterns and textures to create a welcoming space.


The Heirloom Look

Silver, Mint, Peach, and Cream Rose

This is a nostalgic, relaxing, and exquisite look. This colour combination evokes the aesthetic of days gone by, with a classic and delicate elegance. Mint and peach create a sweet colour combination, with peach often being a common modern choice rather than pink. It pairs well with just about any of the softer spring hues.

You can create an elegant bouquet with dahlias, garden roses, and peach peonies.


The Mosaic Look

Blue, Butter, Violet, and Gray

You’re having a winter wedding but you don’t want to choose darker colours? This colour palette is exciting ad modern. The butter and gray provide a splash of sophistication, and your wedding décor can be fresh, bright, and cheerful. With the addition of blue and violet you can pack a punch.


The Blushing Look

White, Sugar, Blush, and Tan

There’s nothing more delicate or romantic than the blushing look. Every blushing bride loves tender shades of pink that will bring a sweet and romantic aesthetic to their day. This is a classic colour combination that can make any wedding day stunning. These colours are the perfect fit for brides of any type, whether you’re looking for a classic vintage look or you want your day to be modern and elegant.

This look marries well with crystals, dramatic up lighting, vintage lace, and arches made up of blush flowers. It creates the perfect look for any wedding.


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