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Garden weddings – what’s the secret behind their longevity?

Garden weddings – what’s the secret behind their longevity?

Trends come and go. While most are just a fad, a few go on to become a norm. For an event as dynamic as a wedding is, it’s hard to imagine a trend would last long. But garden weddings have done just that. Just how has it happened is a matter of research. Nevertheless, here are a few reasons we believe played a part in maintaining their longevity.

Naturally beautiful

Gardens are naturally beautiful. With all the greenery around, the lush green trees and the likes; coupled with freshly blossoming flowers, you’d be pressed to find a more naturally gorgeous location for your wedding. Also, there isn’t much need for decoration or beautification of a garden because its inherent beauty and charm takes care of that.

Photogenic location

As a byproduct of its natural splendor and elegance, a garden is a highly photogenic location. The settings are just about perfect for a great pre or post wedding photo shoot. Gardens are every photographer’s delight. These are clear indications of a seriously good photo album in the making!
Easy to find and book

One task that bugs most couples is finding a wedding venue. The arduousness of this task is accentuated in case of an outdoor wedding. But there are no problems as such with a garden wedding has become an increasingly popular option.

Large space

Space is often a major constraint at most traditional wedding venues. But with acres of land available at your disposal in a garden, you’d usually have more than enough space to suffice your requirements.

Easily the oldest form of outdoor weddings, they have stood the test of time and continue to be in vogue. And honestly, it doesn’t surprise us one bit! A great choice for brides-to-be!

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