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How to budget for your wedding

How to budget for your wedding

There are some important steps that you need to make to create an effective wedding budget. It’s impossible to create a budget without having an idea of what items cost. For example, imagine allocating your photography budget and realizing that you’ve underestimated even the most basic package. So, as you create the budget, you’ll want to research as you proceed. Take time to speak to experts and have a ballpark figure for every detail. Once you have that you can sit down with your available funds to allocate as required.

You’ll want to make a priority list of the elements which are most important (photos, gown, catering, and entertainment) and do the math with regards to how much of your budget should be allocated to each. This may take extra time, but it will provide you with a flexible budget that will keep you in control. The best budget will guide you through the process, and avoid stressing you out.

Months for Saving

You’ll find excellent packages from January through April. April is perhaps the perfect time because you can enjoy great weather and spend just a third of what you would in September and October. November is also a great time.

Dress Budget

Start your shop in advance and get yourself on mailing lists for every bridal shop in the area. You’ll get notice of shows and sample sales. These events can provide you with savings of as much as 75%, including accessories, shoes, veils, and headpieces.

The Splurge

Is there something a bride should spend excessively on? Don’t feel guilty about splurging on the dress and the shoes, after all, you’ll be wearing them all day and it’s important that you’re comfortable.

Easy Cuts

While there may be easy cuts you can make from your budget, food is not one of those. You may want to get more bang for your buck, but resist the urge to underfeed guests. Don’t cheap out on the catering, make sure you have plenty of food available and that it’s to a high standard. Especially if there’s a bar.

The photograph is something else you should invest well in. The good ones are expensive, but they’re worth it- this is a day you want to remember, and an amateur can ruin it.

Are you struggling to come up with an adequate budget to fund your ideal day? There are tactful ways to talk to your parents about help. Once upon a time it was entirely up to the parents to put on a stunning day. If you want them to say yes, invite them to dinner or brunch and introduce the subject of wedding plans. Invite them to join you in visiting venues and even for the tastings. Talk to them about the ideal date, the style you’re going for, and how many guests you will be inviting. This will give them a good idea of the scale you’re dealing with. If you openly communicate with them, they may just tell you how much they’d like to contribute. Don’t guilt trip them, you’ll get better results when you welcome them into your process.

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