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How to make your wedding an elegant and stylish affair?

How to make your wedding an elegant and stylish affair?

With a host of new and inventive themes, concepts and ideas for weddings, it wouldn’t be a surprise if you are left with a cluttered mind over what should you choose for your big day that would make the occasion elegant and graceful. Here are some ideas that we think might make your special day even more special.

Choose your colours wisely

Use colour tones that are slightly subdued yet very classy. White, gold, emerald, black, are some that you could try. But avoid using extra bright and flashy colours at all costs unless you want to inflict retina damage upon your guests. Clearly convey to your wedding planner that you want to make the evening as elegant as possible and ask them to consider this when deciding upon your décor theme, furniture and lighting and use colours that fit the description.

Do not go overboard

It is easy to think of simple, minimalistic things as boring and dull. But as it turns out, the opposite is true. Elegant people don’t overdo anything. Never! We are not asking you to be stingy or threadbare minimalistic but just to make sure you refrain from taking things too far in your pursuit of elegance because more often than not, it would only disappoint you.

Keep an eye on smaller details

Weddings require such elaborate planning that you sometimes lose focus of the smaller things that matter. You could be so caught up with major details like stage set up, décor, wedding dress etc that you ignore things like cutlery, drapes, tablecloth, cake, welcome boards among others that may seem trivial but have a major impact on the overall look and feel of the ceremony.

These novel ideas would most certainly lend a touch of class and lazy elegance to the most important day of your life.

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