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Make Them Say Damndelion With These Floral Wedding Trends

Make Them Say Damndelion With These Floral Wedding Trends

Wedding flowers are quite easily one of the most iconic and important pieces of any wedding. With hundreds of flowers to choose from, numerous arrangements to set them in, and with each flower having its own personal meaning behind it, a bride surely has countless options to customize their flower arrangements. For each calendar year, there is a series of the most popular flowers, arrangements, and styles, and in this article we will be analysing some of the most recent, wedding flower trends.


Our millennial generation is known to focus more on the local environment, community, and economy more so than previous generations. So when this characteristic flowed into the millennial wedding flower industry, it wasn’t much of a surprise. Brides have begun to support their local farmers by purchasing their bouquet and floral arrangements from their community’s agricultural industry. While in many cases, this results in more costly arrangements, the price is very acceptable for fresh, unique arrangements that help give back to the local economy. Not only that, but since they are working directly with experienced farmers, it ensures they are getting the freshest flowers appropriate for the season. Although, there are favorited flowers for any season, such as the dahlias, and of course the timeless rose.


Of course, bride and grooms (but mostly brides) are searching for the best flowers available, including the most striking colour palette. Brides love to incorporate their flowers into the overall theme of their wedding, so with shabby chic weddings on the rise, one can also expect a trend in nude coloured floral arrangements. These hues exude a lovely and subtle rustic vibe, ranging from total white, to various shades of beige, and even soft oranges and reds. Additionally, grey is becoming a highly popular colour choice in the neutral palettes, with many brides ditching a portion of their flowers and going with succulents just in order to promote this theme. Say “aloe” to vera!


Tightly wounded and perfectly rounded bouquets are a thing of the past. I mean, wedding bouquets are supposed to represent the bride! Breaking free from perfectly shaped bouquets, more and more brides are opting for flowers that aren’t so uniformed. Instead, their flowers are beginning to look more as if they just plucked them out from the soil and loosely wove them together with ribbon, creating an unpredictable, yet gracefully elegant, arrangement that is sure to make you stand out from the crowd, which you should be doing! It’s your day! Live it up!


Brides can’t seem to get enough of their flowers. Their floral arrangements have begun to seep into their bakery aisle, and flower wedding cake toppers are increasing, as well as general baked goods shaped and inspired by nature. Just make sure you know which flowers are real and which ones are edible before you chow away!

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