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Planning a rustic wedding

Planning a rustic wedding

There are just six steps to planning the rustic wedding of your dreams.

Step 1. Choose the venue

It will obviously be easier to create the look you want if the venues existing décor is similar. You’ll save money if you have to spend less on décor, which means you can allocate that cash elsewhere.

If you come across what you believe to be the perfect venue, but they don’t advertise that they host weddings- just ask! You can find incredible venues if you just ask.

Step 2. Choose the colours

When it comes to choosing colours remember this basic principle: choose one neutral colour and two focal colours. If you’re totally stuck on what colours to choose, head to the nearest search engine to look for ideas.

Step 3. Make the inspiration board

Every picture you collect can be added to your inspiration board, you’ll see a theme appearing as you will likely find yourself drawn to the same elements each time. You can then narrow down your options into one final board.

Step 4. Choose your décor

This step may sound daunting, but it needn’t be. You can break décor down into four groups: lighting, details, paper suite, and tables.

Paper Suite – This includes the save the dates and invitations, as well as the seating plan, place cards, labels, and escort cards. The choice you make here provides your wedding guests with a taster of what to expect- the colors and design set the tone for the rest of the day. A rustic design will reinforce your desired aesthetic and provide clear direction.

Details – Put the small details under one heading and make a detailed list so you have a clear view. Try to choose just a few suppliers to provide everything, as this will make life simple.

Lighting – This is an especially important element to a rustic wedding, and if executed carefully it can save you money and time. Consider strings of glowing lanterns strung above the reception area. 

Tables – Once your color palette is pulled together, it’s time to focus on the textures and patterns which will features on the tables. Decide the element of design that is most important and find it first. You don’t want secondary designs competing with the focal point.

Step 5. Track the décor

You may think it sounds over the top, but if you want to save your sanity, keeping track of everything is the best way to proceed. Create a spreadsheet that will track costs, delivery times, and sources. Think of it as the blueprint to your wedding.

Remember to always check the fine print for hidden fees, terms of delivery, and return policies.

Step 6. The Outfits

Do you want romantic rustic, or do you prefer bohemian beautiful? You may want to choose the dress first and design around it, or vice versa. Regardless, make sure that you have plenty of time to find the bridal gown and all of the remaining outfits. The bridal gown will take center stage.

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