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Planning a vineyard wedding? Check out if you have got these bases covered

Planning a vineyard wedding? Check out if you have got these bases covered

It would be hard to argue against the appeal and attraction of a vineyard wedding. Vineyards rank among the most preferred locations for outdoor weddings. But that being said, planning a vineyard wedding comes with its own share of troubles. But we are not saying you can’t avoid them. You certainly could, provided you find answers to these questions.

Is your vineyard open to public?

A few vineyards allow the general public to access the site for wine tasting, sightseeing and other purposes. If that’s the case, then politely enquire if they could close out a specific section to allow you your privacy and prevent any unexpected entrants into your space.

Does it have a kitchen?

While fruits, cheese and wine are not an issue, it could lead to an awkward situation if your caterer can’t avail of other ingredients required for the feast. Check out nearby markets well in advance to solve this problem. Also enquire if there is a kitchen available at the venue and ask your caterer to bring in a remote or portable kitchen if it isn’t.

Does the vineyard have a liquor license?

A wine license is totally different from a liquor license. A wine license is a permit for serving wine, beer and sparkling drinks only. Check with the vineyard about this before you decide on setting up an open bar.

What is the cut-off time for playing music?

A few rural authorities have stringent laws regarding sound pollution and may demand music to be turned off earlier than at most places. It would be handy to confirm if there are any such restrictions in the county your vineyard belongs to.

Planning a vineyard wedding is more complicated than it seems but if you tick off these boxes then you should be able to coast through it.

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