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Planning a wedding on a budget

Planning a wedding on a budget

Planning your wedding with a tight budget might sound challenging, but it’s totally doable. With the right amount of patience and planning, you can save a lot of money. It all comes down to knowing the approach you want to focus on and where to cut corners in order to stick to your budget. Here are some tips and tricks to focus on.

Stick to a smaller group of guests
It’s a very good idea to keep your wedding intimate. That’s especially true if you are on a budget. Stick to just a smaller group of friends and people that you know. This will help you cut costs significantly, while still making the wedding feel personal and meaningful.

Marry out of season

Out of season weddings are known to be a lot less expensive. The same thing can be said if you marry on a weekday. It’s possible to save hundreds or even thousands on the venue alone. So yes, if you have the possibility to do so, give it a shot, as it will help you immensely.

Choose a more affordable dress

There are some less popular brands that still create gorgeous wedding dresses. Sure, you won’t have a high tier dress from the most popular brands but that doesn’t matter. It all comes down to the look of your wedding dress and if you like it or not.

Create your own wedding stationery

You can see this as a great DIY project. And guess what, it can help you save quite a lot of time and money. We recommend doing this because not only does it save money, but you can be as creative as you want with the stationery.

Prioritize the things that are important for you

Yes, you don’t have to cut corners on everything. Instead, cut corners on stuff that’s not very relevant to you and use that money for those things that really matter. Some people want high quality, innovative food for their guests, so that can be a priority. Others want a really cool cake, while others want a certain band or specific type of entertainment for their wedding.

Support local businesses for your food, flowers and other items

You can easily buy these things locally and save quite a lot of money. Local, small businesses will usually give you a fantastic deal on this stuff too, so you can save even more than you would expect. That’s why it’s smart to shop locally and not expand too much.

Make sure that the venue allows you to bring your own drinks

Needless to say, many wedding venues have expensive drinks. This is why it makes sense to bring your own drinks, since it’s a lot less expensive. Not all venues offer a “no corkage” policy which allows you to bring drinks on your own, but some do and those are the ones to focus on.


There are a plethora of methods you can use to plan a wedding and save money. It all comes down to having the right plan and knowing where you can cut some corners to save money. It’s definitely a challenge, but results can be amazing if you avoid any rush and find an alternative to those pricey wedding services.

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