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That Special Bridesmaid Gift

That Special Bridesmaid Gift
So the big day is almost here. The wedding venue has been booked ages ago .The wedding party is confirmed, catering in place and dresses ready.

Your thoughts now turn to giving your bridesmaid a unique gift. This will show how much you love them and thank them for all the support they have given to you .They  probably have picked you up a few times since the engagement and in all likelihood will do so again before you walk down the aisle.

Remember that bridesmaids are not in this for the gift you give them before the wedding .Everything they have done for you is because they are your best friends. Many brides worry over what to give their bridesmaids as a thank you. Even if funds are tight there are still so many unique gifts that will let them know how grateful you are.

Have a look at the list below and see if there are any ideas that will suit your special Maids,

Personalized Satin Robe

These are very popular and have their names embroidered on, or even the date of the wedding. Perhaps include a personalised cotton Tote bag, some cotton slippers and a small cosmetic bag. These could be colour schemed, in each bridesmaid favourite colour.

Gift certificate

Now, its time for the bridesmaids to be pampered. Give them a gift certificate to their local Beauty Salon. Include a deal with a Pedicure, Manicure and a Massage. After a hectic wedding they will be ready to enjoy your gift!


What bridesmaid doesn’t enjoy a simple piece of Jewellery?  It is possible to get necklaces or even a wristband with their name engraved on it. Even better, if it is presented in a special box in the colour theme of the wedding.

Photo Frame

This is a very personalised one and doesn’t cost too much .Track down a special photo you have of you and your bridesmaid together. If it’s a life long friend it could be even from childhood days. If it’s a friend from school days that maybe a special party moment you shared together. Get it placed into a special frame and hand out prettily wrapped to each bridesmaid. It’s very personal and your bridesmaid will appreciate your thought in remembering your special bond as friends.

Concert Tickets

If you know that there is a particular show or concert that she would love to see consider getting her two tickets. The tickets could be placed in a themed box along with an item that will personalize it further. A band t-shirt for that rock concert she is going to, a mask for the Medieval pantomime. The same idea would apply for a particular sporting event.

Dinner out

You will know your bridesmaid’s tastes. Give them a dinner voucher to a restaurant that you know they will enjoy. Tailor it to suit the town they live in. Include with it a bottle of bubbly or deluxe table linens.

There is no special time that a bride should give these gifts. Often she will present them at the rehearsal dinner and sometimes when you are all dressing on the wedding day.

Whichever you choose remember to personalize them as your special way of thanking them for their support.

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