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The 4 hottest Beach Wedding trends

The 4 hottest Beach Wedding trends

Considering how much fun it is being on a beach and how lively and disarmingly beautiful most beaches are, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that beach weddings are now the go-to options for couples seeking an outdoor wedding. And add to that the number of private resorts and islands that have sprung up, beach weddings are becoming a norm and getting reinvented every day. Here’s the 5 hottest beach wedding trends.

Sunset weddings

Sunsets are traditionally considered to be highly romantic settings. And what occasion is more romantic than a wedding? So a seamless amalgamation of both would create some sort of magic that cannot be replicated. Plus, sunsets are a photographer’s delight. You could expect your wedding photographer to create some magical frames at a sunset wedding!

Deep diving

If you are at a beach, why not explore the vast ocean? Going for a deep dive after the ceremony, tagging a few guests along, is an experience that is not to be missed! Believe us, you and your guests would talk about it for the rest of your lives!

Dominant colours (White, green and blue)  

Monochrome is the in-thing at the moment and it’s no different with beach weddings either. White, blue and green have emerged as the most dominant colours for a beach wedding; most likely as a symbol of the sand, ocean and greenery respectively. Though usually used in monochrome, you could mix and match them too.

Barefoot ceremony

Is it any fun walking on the beach in high heels? No? Then why wear them! Go barefoot! Take a casual walk on the sand. And ask your guests to refrain from wearing any footwear too.

Couples getting hitched this year, make sure you follow these trends at your beach wedding.

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