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Wedding entertainment ideas

Wedding entertainment ideas

One of the most important things when you prepare a wedding is what type of entertainment you provide for your guests. The truth is that many guests come to the wedding to support you, but they also want great food, drinks and some amazing entertainment. That’s why you shouldn’t just take the wedding entertainment for granted. Instead, you want to come up with something unique and fun. Here are some ideas!

Live painting

A lot of people started hiring a live painter for the wedding day. This is a great way to remember the wedding with a unique, incredible painting. Plus, it pays off very well for the painter, and you get to have unique items from the wedding too.

Ballet dancers

If you have lots of guests that have a passion for dance, you can impress the crowd with some ballet dancing. Hiring a local team of ballet experts to create a dance routine for you is a really good idea. It just brings in a lot of fun moments, and in the end everyone will appreciate it.


Acrobats are a great addition for any wedding, because they make it more fun and enthralling. This is a wonderful way to kick off the evening, and it’s safe to safe that no one will expect it. Which is exactly what you want, something unique and fun for everyone.

Fire dancers

In case you want something more spectacular, you can’t go wrong with a fire dancer. These performers are incredible, they set the mood for the evening, and at the same time they offer a spectacle to behold!

Photo booth hire

More and more people hire a photo booth for their wedding because it’s fun. This is a cool way to have some things to remember the wedding by. Plus, it’s not super expensive to hire a photobooth for a wedding either, which is nice.

Hire a mixologist

The reason you want to do this is because he will create drinks live and make a spectacle out of it. This is what you want, and it’s definitely going to be a really good and fun experience. Plus, guests can try out all these custom creations too.

Arcade games

If you have many guests that love retro and arcade games, then renting a few arcade games is a great idea. It’s a more unique wedding entertainment option, true, but it’s still quite a lot of fun and very innovative as well.

In the end, it’s very important to add wedding entertainment ideas that are exciting and unique for you. Since it’s your wedding, you just want to have fun and enjoy the experience as much as possible. It’s definitely not going to be a walk in the park, but if you do it right, the potential can be second to none. What we recommend is to ensure that you study as many wedding entertainment ideas as possible and then use the ones that really shine for you. Then you will have a great time, and everyone will enjoy the experience!

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