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Wedding Flower Trends

Wedding Flower Trends

A wedding is made up of dozens of details coming together to bring a fairytale to life. There are endless possibilities to integrate flowers in a unique and personal way. How to decide? Here are our favourite wedding flower trends for 2021.



The trend is less literal, with the use of lots of nontraditional greenery and foliage to create a lush green effect. The overflowing effect produced by this trend can be seen in bridal bouquets, with large and unstructured combinations, for a “freshly gathered from the garden” look.


This trend is particularly popular among bohemian brides, who opt for a whimsical spin on the traditional, like a cascading bouquet. Green garlands and vines can create foliage backdrops for a unique photo booth experience, and can be used to make a romantic table runner by candlelight.



This stunning trend integrates natural elements like grasses and unusual plant accents, offering endless creative opportunities for wedding decor. Floral arches, or the use of pampas grass can create an intimate altar for an garden ceremony. Olive branches or succulents can create stunning and unique bridal bouquets

This trend is popular for the modern bride who is brave enough to embrace new trends for a bold effect. Done in the right way, unconventional accents can transform an outdoor space for the Big Day.



There is an increasing use of old fashioned blooms in wedding day decor, like heirloom chrysanthemums, retro carnations, and luscious scabiosa-flowered zinnias. Old World glamour can be achieved by incorporating vintage finds into your table decor, like gilded frames and vintage votives.

This trend is popular among glamour brides, who love romance and are not afraid of being inspired by classic choices for a timeless effect.


By Appointment to the Bride

Thanks to the popularity of Pinterest and Instagram for bridal inspo, wedding day florals are usually by special request. More and more brides are asking for specific or obscure florals, and it is not uncommon for florists to order in rare flowers in advance.

This is for the DIY bride, who knows the early bird can get the wedding flowers of her choice and budget, with a little planning and foresight.


Floral Wearables

Big, bold floral crowns are out, but floral accessories will always reign. This year, floral accents can be seen in half halos, floral hair combs, or simple sprigs of foliage woven into a hairstyle. The focus is on the wearable cuff wrist corsage, with subtle design cues to look and feel more like jewellery.

There is a growing trend more interesting textural elements to be included in men’s boutonnieres, like pods, berries, and sprigs. Floral wearables are a big alternative for the wedding party, allowing the wedding flowers to be integrated into the entire event, and not just for the ceremony.

Which floral trends are you most excited about? Please share your thoughts and reactions in the comments below.

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