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Wedding Photography trends

Wedding Photography trends

As with most occupations in this world, Photography too is subject to fads and trends. Wedding photography especially, as it’s a combination of 2 dynamic subjects; experiences rampant trends every other year that often create a lasting impact on the profession. Take a look at these 4 trends that are revolutionising wedding photography this year.

Candid photos are the in-thing

Couples avoid posing as far as possible as they believe posing makes pictures look awkward, fake and unnatural. Photographers are asked to capture as many photojournalistic pictures and candids as they can and keep posing to the bare minimum.

Pre wedding shoots

A pre wedding photo shoot helps couples free up time for themselves and their guests on their wedding day. A lot of them take off to exotic locations for the shoot which suggests they don’t mind splurging on it either!

Drone photography

Drones, like they have done in a billion other professions, have made a grand entry here too. Couples are taking a liking to the idea of getting an overhead view of their wedding and ask the photographer to arrange for a drone.

Albums are passé

Albums don’t matter to couples. No, not any more. As long as they have the photos on their pen drive (enough to post them on Instagram and Facebook, you know), they couldn’t care less about their wedding photo album.


Photographers are flooded with requests by their clients to post a couple of teasers right after the wedding. The teasers, fully edited images, serve as a preview of what’s to come next and are usually asked for only for posting on social media.

While there is no certainty about the longevity of these trends, it would still be safe to assume that they won’t dissipate in the near future.

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