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Why are Rustic Weddings such popular options for an Outdoor Wedding?

Why are Rustic Weddings such popular options for an Outdoor Wedding?

If you are a bride-to-be reading this, you would have probably come across millions of rustic wedding ideas while surfing the Internet. Rustic weddings have emerged as the most popular outdoor wedding theme and the trend is continuing to grow.  But what is it about rustic weddings that has got everyone so hooked? Let's find out.

Break from the tradition

Traditional indoor weddings don’t excite people anymore. Hence a large number of would-be brides and grooms are going for unconventional outdoor wedding venues and out of the box themes to match. And Rustic weddings are about as unconventional and unorthodox as a wedding could ever get!

Simple yet classy

Rustic weddings, with their simplistic settings and design requirements, are easy to plan and execute. Yes you do need to do some research and planning before you go for it but it is not nearly as heavy duty as some other outdoor wedding themes. Plus, you always have event managers to help you out and considering the ridiculous number of rustic weddings that have happened, you could be assured more often than not that your wedding planner would have done such an event earlier and would hence be well equipped to handle it.

Connection with nature

Rustic weddings usually involve use of natural things and elements for décor and the venue set up. You feel connected to nature in its purest and simplest form and that is a great feeling to have when taking your vows.

Environment friendly

A rustic wedding, through its simple décor and the natural elements incorporated in it, is an eco-friendly event. It is the ideal theme for couples who have a high level of environment consciousness.

Rustic weddings are here to stay and as the above factors suggest, for good.

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