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Why you should go for a Bohemian Style Wedding?

Why you should go for a Bohemian Style Wedding?

Traditional weddings at usual indoor venues and halls are gradually getting phased out as more couples are tilting towards adopting innovative ideas and themes for their big day. One such theme that has emerged recurrently is a bohemian style, boho chic wedding and if you are wondering if it’s the best option for you or not then continue reading to find out if it is.

What’s your personality?

The key to picking a wedding theme is that the theme must suit your personality. If you are a modern day woman with a flair for modern beliefs and material things then a rustic wedding is not for you. Similarly, if you are more traditional and conformant to societal values and norms then a bohemian wedding won’t do justice to your personality. But if you are that so called ‘rule breaker’ or rather ‘rule maker’ we should say, then nothing beats a bohemian wedding.

Is DIY your thing?

If you want to do everything related to your big day by yourself, right from planning to execution concerned with décor, food and drinks, dress, entertainment etc then a bohemian wedding is made for you. They are considerably easy to plan, design and deliver as compared to other wedding styles and DIY should be great fun.

Is personalization/customization of prime importance?

Bohemian weddings are just about the best choice for you if you want to personalize your wedding. You could incorporate your ideas and personal preferences into a bohemian wedding as they are anyways a sort of a hash of other different wedding themes and borrow a lot of elements from them. So you could pretty much add whatever elements you want to that reflect your personality.

With such a wide scope for personalization and uniqueness that is identifiable with a bohemian wedding, it is no surprise most that brides are going boho.

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